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Party Walls

If the chimney you are intending to remove is on a shared wall with your neighbour (the party wall) you will most likely have duties and obligations under the Party Wall Act 1996.

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Gallows brackets

These are normally used when you are partially removing a chimney breast in your property and also meet other criteria such as the chimney breast on the other side of the wall has not already been removed and that the size of the chimney breast does now exceed specific requirements.

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Steel beams

The structural engineer may advise that steel beams are required and, depending on his calculations, the correct weight and length will be specified, the steel beam or beams ordered and then inserted by the CBR team according to Building Regulations 2010.
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Chimney Breast Removal

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Stack removal

Chimney stacks
If the chimney stack is to be removed to below the roof, the roof timbers will need to be extended to fill the gap, and matching roof covering used to fill the gap.
If the chimney stack is to be left in place and only part of the chimney breast below is to be removed, the brickwork above must be supported with a Rolled Steel Joist (RSJ) or other suitable support. What will be required will depend upon the size of masonry above and the adjoining walls which will need to bear the load.
If any unused chimney breast is retained, it will need to be ventilated at both the top and bottom.

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Create more space by removing chimney breasts throughout your property
With modern central heating and underfloor heating systems, many homes no longer need the fireplaces that were built with the house. It is usually fairly straightforward to open up your living areas by removing the chimney breasts, either on one floor or throughout the house. Chimney Breast Removals Limited can help to maximise space in each room of the house which may mean that you can lay-out your furniture in a more appealing way, fit a larger sofa or bed into the room or whatever your aims may be.

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Chimney Breast Removals Limited undertakes each project with all due consideration: including fire safety, damp and ventilation. Our years of experience, and knowledge of Building Regulations requirements, mean that we are equipped to deliver the best results for your project with minimal fuss.

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